Buffalo Psychiatric Center
April 2002
These pictures were taken in and around the abandoned Richardson building on the grounds of the psych center. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them. :)
The Outside...
The front of the building
A walkway from the front to the rear
The front of the building
Above the walkway
The rear of the building
Cages on the front of the building
The rear of the building
Another picture of the cages
click on an image to see a full-sized version
The Inside...
A hallway on the second floor
A walkway between sections, and strangely enough, the lights are on...
The lights are still on...
Near the entrance
Peering inside through a hole in a door...
You're probably wondering how I got inside. Well, you're going to have to keep wondering....
Written on the wall behind me are the words
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