I have poured my heart and soul (yes, this is a tad dramatic) into the works contained on this page. I hope that you enjoy reading these poems as much as I did writing them.
The Garden
The Funeral Party
The Damned
Teach Me About Death
Last Dance
I Want To Believe
In The Arms Of Sleep
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Mind Twist
added February 14, 2000-
updated July 27, 2002
added March 4, 2000-
Today I have added a set of poems that I call "The Suicide Quartet". I am also including a poem which is the prelude to the quartet. I hope you enjoy.
One Minute To Paradise
the prelude-
the quartet-
The Sheets
The Blade
The Bottle
The Capsule
added December 2, 2000-
Hunter               A Summer Death               Death Sentence
added July 27, 2002-
Tempest               The Alley               The Puppet