Disintegration at
The Reservoir, Buffalo, NY
April 18, 2003
The whole band during Love Song. From left to right: Jeff, Steve D., Mark, Darren, Steve P.
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From front to back: Mark, Darren, Steve D.Mark and Darren (front), Steve D. (back) during Inbetween Days
Steve D., Mark, and Darren during A Forest
Jeff plays Let's Go To Bed
Jeff and Mark during Hot Hot Hot!!!
Mark sings while Darren plays the trumpet during Close to Me
Jeff, Mark, and Darren in the glow of a stage light during Charlotte Sometimes
Pictures from the first set...
Inbetween sets...
From left to right: Jeff (bass), Mark (lead vocals), Steve D. (drums), Darren (guitar, trumpet, backing vocals), Steve P. (keyboards)
Jeff, Mark, Darren, Steve D., and Steve P.
Me and Mark
Pictures from the second set...
Mark and Darren
Mark, Darren, and Steve P.
Jeff, Mark, and Steve P.
An autographed setlist...
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