Quotes by Robert Smith and The Cure
"...your name/like ice/into my heart..." 
-Cold, from the album Pornography

"...kick out the gloom/kick out the blues/tear out the pages with all the bad news..."
                 -Doing The Unstuck, from the album Wish

"...however much it hurts/however much it takes/believe/and all your dreams will all come true..."
-Dredd Song, from the Judge Dredd movie soundtrack

"I couldn't hear a word you said/I couldn't hear at all/
You talked until your tongue fell out/and then you talked some more..."
          -The Exploding Boy, a b-side from the single
Inbetween Days

"Oh you know how it is/wake up feeling blue/and everything that could be wrong is/including you..."
                    -Gone, from the album Wild Mood Swings

"...nobody else in the whole wide world/makes me feel this way/Nobody else in the whole wide world/takes my breath away..."
                    -Home, a b-side from the single Mint Car

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Quotes by Depeche Mode
"...your optimistic eyes/Seem like paradise/to someone like me..."

-Black Celebration, from the album of the same name

"...Shadows fall onto me/As she stands there over me/
And waits to encompass me/I lay here helplessly..."

-Dressed In Black, from the album Black Celebration

"...I can't understand/What makes a man/Hate another man/Help me understand/Help me understand..."

-People Are People, from the album Some Great Reward

"...Things you'd expect to be/Having effect on me/Pass undetectedly/But everyone knows what has got me/Takes me completely/Touches me sweetly/Reaches so deeply/I know that nothing can stop me..."

               -Sweetest Perfection, from the album Violator

"...Here I stand the accused/with your fist in my face/feeling tired and bruised/with the bitterest taste..."

                                      -Useless, from the album Ultra
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Quotes by Type O Negative

"...was everything we had just a joke?..."

-Too Late: Frozen, from the album Bloody Kisses

"I always thought we'd be together/and that our love could not be better/with no warning you were gone/I still don't know what went wrong..."

         -Blood & Fire, from the album Bloody Kisses
Quotes by Love Like Blood

"...I lost my head/I lost my faith/and pain is tearing me apart/and everything I see is just grey walls and wasteland around"

-Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, from the album Flags Of Revolution

"...but you will get no other choice/if you can't hear the inner voice/which talks to you when you sleep/which walks with you when you creep/which tries to send you little signs/which tries to help you all the time/life is filled with secrets/which you cannot choose..."

         -Stormy Visions, from the album Odyssee
updated 5/2/2002